#Trending-Wed 9/12/18: National Video Game Day & Our Favorite Games Ever!

It's National Video Games Day! Here Are Our Ten Favorite Games of All Time


Today is National Video Games Day.  And a new survey asked people to name the best video game franchise of all time.  And there was a CLEAR winner.


Almost 50% of people in the survey voted for the "Super Mario Brothers" franchise.  People could vote for multiple games, so the percentages don't add up to 100.  But here are the top ten video game franchises of all time, according to the survey . . .


1.  "Super Mario Brothers", 47% of people voted for it.


2.  "Call of Duty", 21%.


3.  "Donkey Kong", 19%.


4.  "Grand Theft Auto", 19%.


5.  "Pokémon", 16%.


6.  "Zelda", 13%.


7.  "Sonic the Hedgehog", 13%.


8.  "Final Fantasy", 9%.


9.  "Halo", 9%.


10.  "Crash Bandicoot", 7%.  31% of people in the survey said they play video games every day . . . 41% play phone games WHILE watching TV . . . 39% play in bed . . . and 34% kill time playing games on the toilet. 


(National Today)

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