Iconic Onscreen Moments Made Possible by a Lack of Money

Five Iconic Onscreen Moments Made Possible by a Lack of Money


 Sometimes GOOD things happen when movie or TV productions run out of money . . . because it forces them to IMPROVISE . . . and then something AMAZING happens.


 Here's a list of Five Iconic Onscreen Moments Made Possible by a Lack of Money:


1.  The Quick Stop sign in "Clerks":  Kevin Smith didn't have the money for movie sets, so he had to film in a real convenience store.  But he only had permission to shoot at night, and he had to keep the window shutters down.  So he wrote it into the script that they were STUCK that way, which led to the big sign outside that says, "I assure you we're open!"


2.  The coconuts in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail":  They were supposed to have real horses, but there was no money in the budget for that.  So they trotted on foot and banged coconut halves together to simulate the sound of the hooves . . .


 Which was ultimately one of the funniest gags in the movie.


3.  The ice rink date in "Rocky":  Rocky and Adrian were supposed to go skating on a busy day, but they couldn't afford to pay extras.  So they did it in an empty rink, which made the scene more intimate and romantic.


4.  The TARDIS on "Dr. Who":  Dr. Who's time-travel device was supposed to change shape to fit into its surroundings . . . but that would have cost too much.  So they just kept it as the blue police box . . . which became of the most iconic vehicles in sci-fi history.


5.  "Breaking Bad" filming in New Mexico:  Creator VINCE GILLIGAN originally wanted to set the series in Riverside, California.  But they shot the pilot in Albuquerque, New Mexico because that's all they could afford.


It gave the show a grittier feel that, according to Gilligan, made it a contemporary Western.


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