#Trending-Thur 10/04/18: National Taco Day....Free Taco's Everywhere!

It's National Taco Day, Which Means There Are Free Tacos Everywhere


Today is National Taco Day . . . but in a way, isn't EVERY day kind of National Taco Day?


The good news is that a BUNCH of big Mexican food chains are giving away free tacos today.  Except for Taco Bell . . . their Taco Day promotion is that they're selling "gift sets" where you can pay $5 to buy four tacos for a friend.


Anyway, to keep you entertained from now until you start mainlining free tacos, here are some stats in honor of the holiday . . .


1.  More than 95% of Americans say they like tacos . . . and 71% prefer tacos over burritos.


 2.  Three-quarters of us eat tacos at least once a month.


3.  And the most popular taco meats are, in order:  Carne asada . . . barbacoa . . . chicken . . . pork . . . and chorizo.  The least popular meat?  Lengua . . . also known as COW TONGUE. 


(Delish / National Today)


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