Did This Guy Seriously Turn Himself in Just to Get a Better Mugshot?

Did This Guy Really Turn Himself in Just to Get a Better Mugshot?


 Never underestimate the power of vanity on the social media generation.


There's a 20-year-old guy named Ahmad Ibrahim from Randall County, in northern Texas.


And last week, the sheriff's department posted his old mugshot on Facebook because he was wanted for drug possession, which was a probation violation.


And HE actually left a comment on their post saying, quote, "Why couldn't ya'll get a recent picture?  I'll be in so ya'll can do that."


And Ahmad wasn't lying . . . he turned himself in and he DID get a new, updated mugshot.


Now, it's possible that the new picture wasn't the ONLY reason he decided to turn himself in . . . but it's the only reason he explicitly gave. 


 (Fox 6 - Birmingham


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