Woman Leaves Town for Round of Cancer Treatments, Community Remodels House

A Woman Leaves Town for a Round of Cancer Treatments, and Her Community Spends a Week Remodeling Her House


There's a 44-year-old social worker in Thompson, North Dakota named Kerri-Lynn Larimer who's been fighting cancer for about a year.  And everyone in her community loves her.


So when she left town last month for a round of treatments, they decided to do something pretty amazing.


Her best friend texted 20 people to see if they'd help replace the flooring in Kerri-Lynn's house.  Which was something she'd been wanting to do for a while.


Then about 50 more people heard about it and got involved.  And instead of just putting in new floors, they basically remodeled her entire HOUSE.


About 75 people volunteered, in a town with only 1,000 residents.  And in one week, they redid the floors . . . one of the bathrooms . . . replaced a bunch of light fixtures . . . repainted the walls . . . fixed up the yard . . . and even installed a new furnace.


The materials alone cost about $9,000, but she and her husband didn't pay a dime.  And all the labor was free.


Her friends also started a GoFundMe campaign trying to raise $15,000 to help with bills.  And it's already up to $23,000.  If you'd like to donate, just search for "Help Kerri-Lynn Larimer" on GoFundMe.com. 



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