Woman in a Cow Costume Is Busted for

A Woman in a Cow Costume Is Busted for Shoplifting and Tells the Cop to "Suck a Pink Cow Udder"


If you're going to commit a crime, wouldn't you want to wear something that DOESN'T make everyone stare at you?  There's a 27-year-old woman named Ashley Curry in Pine Bluff, Arkansas who just learned that lesson the hard way.  She was busted last Tuesday afternoon for shoplifting Flonase nasal spray from a Walmart.


And . . . she was dressed in a full-body COW COSTUME, complete with pink udders on the stomach.


The police didn't say WHY she was in the costume, but I guess we can assume it was an early Halloween thing. 


Anyway, when a cop went to search her, she told him to, quote, "Suck a pink cow udder." 


It's not clear if that was an INSULT . . . or a BRIBE.  But either way, she was arrested for shoplifting and resisting arrest. 


(ABC 7 - Little Rock

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