#Trending-Thur 11/08/18: The Word of the Year....Related to Plastic Straws

The First "Word of the Year" Is In . . . and It's Related to Plastic Straws


Collins Dictionary picked their Word of the Year for 2018 . . . so I guess this officially kicks off "Word of the Year" season.


And they went with . . . "single-use."


The definition is "made to be used only once," and it's come up a lot in discussions about how we're destroying the environment.


Things like Keurig cups and Styrofoam containers are single-use . . . but the term got the most play earlier this year when cities, states, and businesses started banning plastic straws.


Some of their runners-up this year were #MeToo . . . gaslight . . . whitewash . . . and floss.  Yes, like the dance.


Collins Dictionary was also first on its Word of the Year last year, when they went with "fake news."  


 (Quartz / Collins Dictionary)

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