Have You Been Blowing Your Nose Wrong? Check Out The BEST Way!

Have You Been Blowing Your Nose Wrong? Here's the Best Way to Do It


We're entering cold and flu season, so here's something that can help the next time you get sick.  It's the best method for blowing your nose . . .


Have you ever noticed when you're sick and congested, blowing your nose can actually make you feel WORSE?  That's because the stuffy feeling is from inflamed blood vessels . . . and blowing just irritates those vessels even more.


Not only that, but blowing your nose builds up pressure in your nostrils, which can force mucus into your sinuses.  And when you're sick, that mucus may contain viruses or bacteria, which can cause an infection and make you even MORE sick. 


So here are three tips on how to avoid that . . .


1.  Instead of putting your whole nose in a tissue and blowing, cover one nostril at a time and blow.


 2.  Use an anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce the swelling and make space for the mucus to flow out.


3.  Use a lubricating spray to loosen dry, crusty mucus.  


Now you know. 


(Business Insider)

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