#Trending-Mon 11/12/18:"Long Time, No See" Is Now Politically Incorrect

"Long Time, No See" Is Considered Politically Incorrect Now?


It's stuff like this that makes people think political correctness has gone SO FAR off the rails we might as well scrap it all.


The administration at Colorado State University just put together a list of offensive phrases they want organizations to stop using on campus.  And one of them is . . . "long time, no see."


They say it's offensive to people of Asian descent.


Why?  Well . . . it's not clear.  There's some evidence "long time, no see" could be based on an old Chinese phrase, but why would that make it bad?


Maybe they confused it with "me love you long time," which actually IS used in offensive stereotypes?


And the school administrators didn't clarify the problem.


They also want people to stop saying "you guys" and say "y'all" instead, because "guys" implies a gender . . . and they are pushing the phrase "first-years" instead of "freshmen" for the same reason. 


(Reason / Rocky Mountain Collegian)

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