#Trending-Wed 12/05/18: Are You Supposed to Eat Burgers Upside-Down?

Wait . . . Are You Supposed to Eat Burgers Upside-Down?


There's a tweet that's going viral right now from Business Insider's food website, Food Insider.


They say we've been eating burgers WRONG for our whole lives . . . and we're supposed to eat them UPSIDE-DOWN.


The theory is that the top bun is bigger than the bottom bun, so it'll do a better job absorbing all the juices and condiments, and keeping everything together . . . so your burger won't be as likely to fall apart or drip as you eat it.


People are split on social media between "that's interesting, I'll give it a try" and "you guys should be shunned from society for suggesting something so blasphemous." 



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