Baby It's Controversial Outside

The arrest of Sabrina Meng, CFO of Chinese company Huawei is threatening to upend the trade truce between the US and China and hitting the stock market hard.  Just as Trump and President Xi Jinping were calling a truce, Canadian official arrested Meng for alleged violations of US Sanctions against Iran. Lauren Gardener, reporter for Politico Pro Canada, fills us in China’s anger over the arrest and how important Huawei is to them.

Next, a Christmas classic is again facing controversy and being called a date rape anthem. Some radio stations in the US and Canada have removed “Baby its cold outside” from their holiday playlists because some say the song is about a man coaxing his date to stay despite her wanting to leave. My producer Miranda joins us to discuss how the public perception has changed about this Christmas standard.

Finally, it’s one of the least wanted jobs in Hollywood, but somebody has got to do it and this year’s Oscar host will be comedian Kevin Hart. There is so much pressure for a host to boost ratings and please everyone that many say it isn’t worth getting involved.  Stephen Galloway, Executive Editor for the Hollywood Reporter, joins us to talk about how hard it is to host the Oscar amid a trend of sagging ratings.

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