Toys for Tots Drive Pays Tribute to Cousin Eddie from "Christmas Vacation"

A Guy's Toys for Tots Drive Paid Tribute to Cousin Eddie from "Christmas Vacation"


There's a guy in south Jersey named Steve Harbaugh who went all out with his Christmas display this year by recreating the Griswold decorations.


He wrapped his house in 7,500 lights.  But the part that really makes it is he parked an old RV out front, with a mannequin that waves to people as they go by.  And it looks like Cousin Eddie . . . the character played by Randy Quaid.


He basically recreated the scene where Eddie is standing in a bathrobe . . . drinking a beer . . . and pumping raw sewage out of his RV.  


Anyone who wants to see the display can stop by.  But he's asking each person to bring at least one toy with them for a TOY DRIVE to collect donations for Toys for Tots.  And his goal is to fill the entire RV with toys. 


He's already received hundreds of donations from people, so it sounds like he might pull it off. (CBS Philly)

  (Here's a video and a photo.)




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