#Trending-Thur 1/03/19: Celebrity Burglary Suspect Nabbed By LAPD

When it comes to a string of celebrity robberies, the LAPD says they have their man - and have recovered millions of dollars worth of items along the way. Victims reportedly include celebrities like Usher, Adam Lambert, Jason Derulo, and Dorit Kemsley of “The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.” Who is that man? Benjamin Eitan Ackerman, who hasn't been officially charged, but that's surely coming as prosecutors sort everything out.

Apparently, Ackerman attended open houses at multiple homes that were later burglarized..while he signed guest books under another name - he apparently slipped and wrote his middle name on more than one occasion. During the course of the investigation, investigators discovered more than 2,000 stolen items - including artwork, jewelry, handbags and expensive wines after searching Ackerman’s storage locker. And get this - he reportedly had everything catalogued online!

Officials say Ackerman posed as a high-end real estate agent to scope out various properties. LAPD Detective Jared Timmons has called Ackerman a “slick” individual who “appears to be very fluent with technology.” How so? Cameras on the properties reportedly went black during the robberies - and he allegedly modified the stolen artwork in order to sell it.

  • Ackerman was arrested back in September - he's since been released on bond as the investigation continues. Police believe there are other victims - and hope they'll come forward.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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