#Trending-Fri 1/04/19: The Cost Of Weddings At An All Time High

There’s no doubt a lot of people got engaged over the holiday season, and they better start putting their money away immediately because if they want a full-blown wedding it’s going to cost them.

“Brides” magazine has just come out with their 2018 American Wedding Study, revealing key insights into the latest wedding trends, behaviors, and spending habits for weddings in America. And one thing’s for sure, weddings are getting even more expensive than ever before.

According to the survey, the average cost of a wedding is at an all time high of $44,105. The biggest expenses, of course, is the bash itself, with the average reception costing $9,764, while catering will set couples back $12,242.

Other big expenses include:

  • Rentals: $2,920
  • Dress: $2,260
  • Flowers: $2,629
  • Other decor $1,183
  • Reception music: $2,380
  • Photography: $3,133
  • Videography: $2,180
  • Engagement ring(s): $7,829
  • Wedding ring(s): $1,890

The poll finds that the average age of a bride these days is 28, while the average age of their partner is 29. September and October are the most popular months to get married, with Saturday the most popular day (68%), followed by Friday (16%). The average number of guests at a wedding is 167, with the bride having an average of 5.4 attendants, and the groom having 5.3 groomsman.

  • And while you may think the bride is the one handling most of the wedding planning stress, the survey says otherwise. In fact, 97% of brides say their fiancé is involved in the planning, with 36% saying they are very involved.

Source: Business Insider 

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