Fugitive Tries to Fool Cops by Writing "I'm Not Here" on a Mattress, Then..

A Fugitive Tries to Fool the Cops by Writing "I'm Not Here" on a Mattress . . . Then They Find Him Hiding in a Dresser


How did this brilliant plan not work?  I'm shocked.


There's a 40-year-old guy named Jesse Pack from Bunnell, Florida, and he had a warrant out for kidnapping and assault charges.


Well . . . when the cops went to his house on Sunday, the woman there said Jesse was gone, and he'd left them a message.


Jesse had written on a MATTRESS in orange magic marker, quote, "I know my warrant is active.  I'm not here, I am finishing a job and turning myself in."


For some reason, the cops weren't totally convinced . . . maybe Jesse should've had the mattress notarized?  So they asked the woman if they could search the house and she said yes.


And . . . the cops found Jesse curled up in the fetal position inside a dresser. 


(ABC 9 - Orlando

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