#Trending-Mon 1/28/19: Matt LeBlanc Stole 2 Things from Set of "Friends"

Matt LeBlanc Stole Two Things from the Set of "Friends"


On Friday's "Tonight" show, MATT LEBLANC revealed the two things he stole from the set of "Friends".  And they were both from Joey and Chandler's apartment.


The first is the ball from the foosball table.  He says, quote, "I have it in my toolbox somewhere.  Why it's in my toolbox I don't know."


The second was the Magna Doodle from the apartment door.  But he didn't take it for himself.  He snagged it for a crew member named Paul.  He was an electrician, but he was also the one who drew the stuff you saw on the Magna Doodle every week.


Matt also joked that he took, quote, "a [poop]-ton of cash" from the show.

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