#Trending-Tue 1/29/19: Reynolds Wrap Created a Human Feedbag

Reynolds Wrap Created a Human Feedbag That Lets You Strap Your Snacks to Your Body


I'm not sure what's worse:  That a major company thought people would want to STRAP a FEEDBAG full of snacks to themselves . . . or that people were like, "Yes, we DO want that"?


Reynolds Wrap just unveiled a new product called the Hunger Harness yesterday.


It's a silver harness you wear on your chest with several thermal and insulated pockets for holding different snacks and keeping them warm.  And it also has a little fold out tray and a drink holder.  So it's perfect for the Super Bowl.


They say it should hold enough snacks that you can go, quote, "all four quarters plus the halftime show without taking a break."


They put them on sale for $5 and . . . they sold out immediately.  But don't worry, they say they're producing more soon.  


You can keep an eye out for them at ReynoldsHungerHarness.com


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