#Trending-Tue 2/26/19: How Many of Us Have an Enemy At Work??

62% of People Have an Enemy at Work

According to a new survey, 62% of people say they have an ENEMY at work.

Our work enemies are usually the same age as us or older . . . the same gender as us . . . and someone we interact with on a daily basis.

Oh . . . and 28% say their enemy is their BOSS.

So what makes someone an enemy? The top five reasons are: They lie to make themselves look good . . . they criticize other people . . . they always interrupt . . . they're passive-aggressive . . . and they're dismissive.

7% of people say they've started hating someone at work for cutting their nails at their desk.

The survey also found that 77% of people who have a work enemy say they're unhappy at their jobs . . . and 70% are considering trying to find a new job to get away from their enemy. 


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