Hot Air Balloon Thief Busted Flying Balloon at Hot Air Balloon Festival

A Hot Air Balloon Thief Is Busted . . . Flying the Stolen Balloon at a Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot air balloon theft is a pretty UNCOMMON crime . . . and this is why. Those balloons have distinct patterns on them. And they're huge. So when you fly your stolen balloon, you REALLY give yourself away.

Someone stole a $30,000 hot air balloon from a guy in Bloomington, Indiana earlier this year.

And the thief was just busted . . . after flying it at a hot air balloon festival.

The festival was in Florida, and the cops there got a tip from the police in Indiana to keep their eyes out for the balloon. They also sent over a photo of what it looks like. 

So the cops in Florida scoured the festival and spotted it.

The owner of the balloon decided not to press charges against the thief . . . he just wanted his balloon back. And a tow company is going to drive it back to Indiana for him. 

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