#Trending-Tue 3/26/19: When Are You Too Old to Use Slang Terms Like "Bae"?

When Are You Too Old to Use Slang Terms Like "Bae" and "Hangry"? Plus the Slang Terms We Hate the Most

A new survey asked people when someone is TOO OLD to use slang terms like "bae" and "hangry." I would've voted for something like age 12, but they didn't ask me.

The majority of people say you need to stop using slang terms when you hit 43. But one in four people think you need to stop when you're 25.

The survey also found the slang terms we find the most annoying. And here are some of the highlights . . .

1. GOAT, which stands for "Greatest Of All Time."

2. Bae, which people use instead of "baby" for their significant other.

3. Hangry, which means you're so hungry you're angry.

4. Fleek, which means "on point."

5. Clap back, which is a slang way of saying "retort." 

(Yahoo News)

(Some of the other terms that made the most annoying list include ghost . . . throw shade . . . SMH . . . turn up . . . thirsty . . . and trill.)

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