Guy Goes Viral for Catching Huge Catfish with Bare Hands . .& Gets a Ticket

A Guy Goes Viral for Catching a Huge Catfish with His Bare Hands . . . and Gets a Ticket as a Result

Hey, at least this guy gets to tell a crazy fishing story that's actually TRUE.

There's a guy named Peter Robinson in Davenport, Iowa. And he went Viral over the weekend after he managed to catch a huge 50-pound catfish with his bare hands . . . and people took photos of him walking around downtown Davenport carrying it.

But no good viral sensation ever goes unpunished.

Because the Iowa Department of Natural Resources saw the photo . . . and it turns out that catching a fish with your bare hands is ILLEGAL in Iowa.

So Peter wound up turning himself in on Sunday and paying a $93.75 fine. It also turned out he didn't have a fishing license, so now he has to pay for one of those too. 

(ABC 8 - Quad Cities)

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