#Trending-Tue 4/09/19: Ryan Seacrest Missed 1st Episode of "American Idol"

Ryan Seacrest Missed His First Episode of "American Idol" Last Night

We're on Season 17 of"American Idol", and something happened last night that's NEVER happened before: RYAN SEACREST didn't host. He got sick and had to be replaced by BOBBY BONES, who's been serving as in-house mentor.

The episode was actually taped weeks ago.

Bobby started the show by saying, "Welcome to'American Idol'. Now, I am not Ryan Seacrest. I am Bobby Bones. Sadly, Ryan is sick and I look most like him so they asked me to fill his shoes tonight. Ryan, love you, buddy, hope you get better." 

(Here's video.)

Ryan also sent Bobby a pair of Jordans as a thank you for filling those shoes.

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