Scientists Figures Out How to Make Teenagers Eat Healthy

Scientists Have Finally Figured Out How to Make Teenagers Eat Healthy . . . Tell Them It's Rebellious

A new study has FINALLY figured out how to get teenagers to eat healthy. You've just got to take advantage of the fact that teenagers are programmed to REBEL against EVERYTHING.

Researchers at the University of Chicago ran a study where they gave a group of teenagers an article showing them how corporations are MANIPULATING them into eating junk food.

The article explained how companies are exploiting them, marketing addictive and unhealthy food to them, and getting rich off them as a result. It also emphasized that they especially target young children and people in poorer communities.

The researchers also had a group of teenagers read an article that just talked about all the healthy benefits of good foods.

And . . . they found the kids who read about how they were being manipulated immediately started making healthier food choices. The group that just read about the healthy benefits of foods didn't.

The researchers say it's because the kids had a powerful instinct to rebel against the food companies and stick it to the people exploiting them. 

(Chicago Booth)

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