How Much Will you Spend on Guilty Purchases in Your Life??

You'll Make $277,680 Worth of Guilty Purchases in Your Life

Everyone loves sales. But how deep of a discount do you need to get to be totally guilt-free about a purchase? A new survey found the average is 23% off. Once something's THAT on sale, we feel like we almost HAVE to buy it.

The survey also found the average American will make $277,680 worth of guilty purchases in their life. Here are the top ten things we feel bad about buying . . .

1. Eating at restaurants, because the food's so overpriced. 47% of us feel guilty.

2. New clothes, 46%.

3. Electronics, 38%.

4. Shoes, 35%.

5. Delivery or take out, 35%.

6. Alcohol, 34%.

7. Cosmetics or other beauty-related items, 31%.

8. Snacks, 30%.

9. Vacations or money spent on traveling, 24%.

10. Your passions, including hobbies, 24%.


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