#Trending-Thur 5/02/19: "Billboard Music Awards"....Winners & Highlights

The "Billboard Music Awards"

As expected,MADONNAbrought out several holograms of herself for herperformanceof"Medellin"with Latin artistMALUMA.

ButHALSEYhad something Madonna didn't: LESBIAN PORN. Not really . . . but her performance of"Without Me"was a highly sexualized dance routine with another woman . . . with both of them wearing skimpy outfits.

I'm joking about it being porn, of course. I mean, it was pretty erotic, but also very emotional and kind of amazing. The song is about a relationship gone south, and you really felt that in the dance.

(Here's aclip. There doesn't seem to be an official video of the whole thing online. Here's an unofficialversion. Halsey also came out later to do "Boy with Luv" with BTS.)

TAYLOR SWIFT andBRENDAN URIEstarted the show with"Me!", although some people accused her ofripping offBeyoncéby including a drumline.

Other hot performances of the night included theJONAS BROTHERSandMARIAH CAREY, who won the Icon Award.

PAULA ABDUL closed the show with amedleyof her hits. It was high energy and the dancing was great, but it was RIDICULOUSLY obvious that she wasn't singing. 

But all of that was offset by the return ofMC SKAT KATduring"Opposites Attract".  

(Skip ahead to the 2:55 mark for that.)

As for the winners, it was all aboutDRAKE. He took home 12 trophies, bringing his total to 27. He now has more Billboard Music Awards than any other artist in history.  CARDI B won six, andMAROON 5took home four.

Drake's awards included Top Artist . . . for which hethankedhis MOM.

When he won Top Male Artist, hetalkedabout the "unfortunate series of losses" in the music industry recently. And when he won Top Billboard 200 Album, hecongratulatedArya Stark from"Game of Thrones"for, quote, "Putting in that work last week."

Speaking of acceptance speeches,IMAGINE DRAGONSused their time after winning Top Rock Artist tospeak outagainst conversion therapy.

(Check out the complete winners' listhere. And you'll find some videos from the show on NBC's YouTubepage.)

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