#Trending-Thur 5/09/19: How Well Do You Know Your Mom?

How Well Do You Know Your Mom? Here Are the Five Most Common Mom Facts We Know

Most of us think of our mom as JUST a mom. But how much do you know about her life before she had you? And do you even WANT to know?

89% of people in a new survey said they think they know "a great deal" about their mom's life. Here are the top five mom facts we're familiar with . . .

1. Where she grew up. 74% of people know the answer to that one.

2. Where she went to high school or college, 60%.

3. The name of the street she grew up on, 50%.

4. What her first job was, 49%.

5. Her ancestry, 48%.

The poll also asked people to name the top TRAITS they got from their mom.

Thetop fiveanswers were her compassion . . . her sensitivity . . . her work ethic . . . her sense of humor . . . and her good looks. 


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