Pringles Releasing New Mystery Flavor....Guess It & You Could Win $10,000

Pringles Is Releasing a New Mystery Flavor . . . Guess It and You Could Win $10,000

If you've got a refined palate, time to use it in the best way possible: Detecting the artificial flavor on potato chips that come in a can.

Pringles is releasing a new MYSTERY FLAVOR. And if youguessit right, you could win $10,000.

The mystery Pringles will be on sale at Walgreens sometime this month and should be available through the end of July.

And the flavor might be tough . . . unlike when Oreo ran itsmystery flavorcontest a few years back and everyone immediately knew it was Fruity Pebbles.

Pringles did a mystery flavor contest in Canada last year, and it turned out to be Seven Layer Dip. 

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