Game of Thrones Ratings Record, and a "Vanilla Ice" Super Cut

1. Sunday's series finale of"Game of Thrones"drew13.6 million viewers for its initial airing. And if you add in replays and early streaming, that figure climbs to 19.3 million. Both set new records . . . not just for"Game of Thrones", but for HBO's entire history.

The previous highs were set by last week's episode, which delivered 12.48 million viewers for its debut airing, and a first-night total of 18.4 million.

According to HBO,"Game of Thrones"Season Eight isaveraging44.2 millionoverSeason Seven.  

2. Someone made amash-upof all the main characters from"Game of Thrones"rapping the lyrics toVanilla Ice's"Ice Ice Baby". It's called"A Song of Vanilla Ice and Fire", a reference to the original book series,"A Song of Ice and Fire".

It includes The Hound grunting, quote, "Turn out the lights, and I'll glow," with Cersei adding, "To the extreme, I rock a mic like a vandal."

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