It's Canada Day . . . Do Americans Think Canadians Are Happier?? Funnier??

It's Canada Day . . . Do Americans Think Canadians Are Happier, Funnier, More Polite, or Better Looking Than We Are?

Today is Canada Day, so let's celebrate Canada's big national holiday the only way we know how: By comparing Canada to America.

A new survey asked Americans how they compare the people here with the people in Canada.

So how do we stack up against the Canadians on these six different traits?

1. Intelligence . . . Americans believe we're MORE intelligent than Canadians.

2. Tolerance . . . Americans believe we're LESS tolerant than Canadians.

3. Happiness . . . Americans believe we're LESS happy than Canadians.

4. Funny . . . Americans believe we're FUNNIER than Canadians.

5. Politeness . . . obviously Americans believe we're LESS polite than Canadians.

6. Good-looking . . . Americans believe we're BETTER looking than Canadians. 


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