#Trending-Wed 7/03/19: Things About America We're Most Proud Of

The Five Things About America We're Most Proud Of

Gallup does a poll around the Fourth of July each year, where they ask people if they're proud to be an American, and HOW proud they are.

Overall,97% of people this year said they're at least a little proud to be an American. But the number who are "extremely" proud hit an all-time low.

45% said they're extremely proud to be an American, down from 47% last year. The all-time high after 9/11 was 70%.

Another 25% this year said they're "very" proud . . .18% said "moderately" proud . . .9% said "only a little" . . . and 3% said "not at all."  There are a few things about America that almost everyone takes pride in though.  

Here are the top five things we're most proud of . . .

1. America's scientific achievements. 91% of us are proud of them.

2. The U.S. military, 89%.

3. American culture and arts, 85%.

4. America's economic achievements, 75%.

5. Our achievements in sports, 73%. 

Our diversity just missed the top five at 72%. 

And the American political system finished MUCH lower. Just 32% of us are proud of it. 


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