Would You Rather....Date These Celebrities or the Characters They Played?

Would You Rather Date These Celebrities or the Characters They Played?

A websitestarted a viral topic recently, when they asked whether you'd rather date a particular CELEBRITY, or afamous CHARACTER they played. And in a lot of cases, it was a really tough call. Here are some highlights:

Would you rather date . . .

1.  Bradley Cooper, or Jackson Maine form"A Star Is Born"?

2. Jesse Williams, or Jackson Avery from"Grey's Anatomy"?

3. Jennifer Aniston, or Rachel Green from"Friends"?

4. Mario Lopez, or A.C. Slater from"Saved By the Bell"?

5. Armie Hammer, or Oliver from"Call Me By Your Name"?

6. Laura Prepon, or Alex Vause from"Orange Is the New Black"? Or Donna from"That '70s Show"?

7. Zoe Kravitz, or Bonnie Carlson from"Big Little Lies"?

8. Matt LeBlancor Joey Tribbiani from"Friends"?

9. Channing Tatumor Mike Lane from"Magic Mike"?

10. Kerry Washingtonor Olivia Pope from"Scandal"?

11. Eva Longoriaor Gabrielle Solis from"Desperate Housewives"?

12. Donald Gloveror Earnest Marks from"Atlanta"?

13. Mindy Kalingor Kelly Kapoor from"The Office"?

14. Awkwafinaor Goh Peik Lin from"Crazy Rich Asians"?

15. Will Smithor Alex Hitchens from"Hitch"?

(And here are a few more suggestions that we came up with . . .)

16. Bryan Cranston, or Walter White from"Breaking Bad"?

17. Neil Patrick Harris, or Barney Stinson from"How I Met Your Mother"?

18. Ed O'Neill, or Al Bundy from"Married with Children"?

19. Betty White, or Rose Nylund from"Golden Girls"?

20. Jeff Bridges, or The Dude from"The Big Lebowski"?

21. Kiefer Sutherland, or Jack Bauer from"24"?

22. Winona Ryder, or Joyce Byers from"Stranger Things"?

23. Kaley Cuoco, or Penny from"The Big Bang Theory"?

24. Taylor Swift, orBombalurinafrom"Cats"?

25. Chris Evans, or Captain America?

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