#Trending-Tue 8/20/19:People Are Losing It Over on Where To Keep Thermostat

People Are Losing It Over a Report Saying You Should Keep Your House at 78 Degrees . . . or 82 When You Sleep

There's a new report out from Energy Star, which is the EPA program that promotes energy efficiency. And it has new recommendations for where you should be setting your thermostat . . .

1. 78 degrees when you're home.

2. 85 when you're not home.

3. 82 at night.

Well . . . a reporter from the CBS station in Tampa tweetedout that report yesterday morning, and people immediately started LOSING IT.

As one person said, quote, "I see we've decided to give up on sleeping . . . or having pets that aren't native to the rain forest." Another said, quote, "82 when you're sleeping? Yeah, on the sun." 

(CBS 10 - Tampa/Twitter/BroBible)

Jennifer Titus✔@jenntitus10
How cool do you keep your house?
New report our shows these as the recommended temps for energy efficiency:
• 78° F when you’re home
• 85° F when you’re at work or away
• 82° F when you’re sleeping
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1:26 PM - Aug 19, 2019
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