Moron Award: Could It Be the First Crime in Space?

An Astronaut Committed Identity Theft From the ISS . . . Could It Be the First Crime in Space?

There's a NASA astronaut named Anne McClain, who was recently up in the International Space Station on a mission.

Well . . . while she was up there, she was in the middle of a divorce from her estranged wife, Summer Worden. And Summer says Anne illegally accessed her back account from the ISS.

That would be identity theft . . . meaning this could be the first crime ever committed IN SPACE.

Anne is denying the claims.

The U.S. does have plans in place for crimes committed in space . . . it's not like international waters or something where anything goes. Anne would be facing regular criminal charges here on earth if she is charged.

(New York Times/'s Annein space.)


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