Moron Award: Burglar Xeroxed His Face During a Break-in & Left it Behind

A Burglar Xeroxed His Face During a Break-in . . . and Left the Copy Behind

This is about as BIZARRE of a clue as the cops will ever get.

A man broke into a business in Toronto on Friday. All he stole was some food, which he ate inside.

But he also left one clue . . . a photocopy of his FACE.

So I guess there are two possible explanations . . .

1. He was going for a "wet bandits" thing where his signature move is to leave behind a copy of his face at his crime scenes.

2. Or, he was in this office, thought it seemed like it'd be fun to Xerox his face, did it, and then forgot to take the results with him.

Either way, the cops now have this picture of his face and they're trying to track him down. (Toronto Sun


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