Kid Bullied for Homemade Tennessee Volunteers Shirt...Now School Selling It

A Kid Got Bullied for His Homemade Tennessee Volunteers Shirt . . . Now the School Is Selling It

If you haven't seen this yet, it's pretty great . . .

There's an elementary school kid in Tallahassee who's a huge University of Tennessee fan. But apparently he couldn't afford one of their shirts, so he made one.

He drew the initials "U.T." on a piece of paper. Then he literally just pinned it to an orange shirt. But the kids at his school were pretty ruthless, and he got made fun of a lot.

Then his teacher posted a photo of it on Facebook, hoping someone would buy him a real Tennessee Volunteers shirt. And something even better happened.

The president of the university saw the post and sent him a TON of swag. Then the school announced they were actually making shirts with the logo the KID designed.

They're selling it online for $15. And a portion of each sale will go to a charity called Stomp Out Bullying.

You can preorder one through the University of Tennessee's official campus store website. They'll ship later this month. 



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