Moron Award:Argument Over Who Will Take Stuff From Trash Pile=Sword Fight

Two Guys Argue Over Who Will Take Stuff From a Trash Pile . . . and One Attacks With a Samurai Sword

You've got to take a long, hard look at your life if you're getting into life-or-death battles with people over who's going to get to raid someone else's TRASH.

That's what happened with two guys in Oakland Park, Florida back in July. And these aren't homeless guys . . . these are guys with homes and cars and all that who got into a battle over trash.

A guy named Todd Beavers had gone for a jog around his neighborhood back on July 15th when he spotted a big pile of trash by a vacant home. So he decided to poke through and see if there was any good trash for him to take home.

Well . . . it just so happened that a 54-year-old guy named Curtis Miller was also digging through the trash.

Todd wound up taking a utility cart from the pile. And Curtis was upset, because he felt that since he'd gotten to the pile first, he had a claim on the best trash.

So he followed Todd home . . . grabbed a SAMURAI SWORD out of his car . . . and swung it at Todd as he tried to take the cart.

The cops put out surveillance footage of the fight last month, and someone identified Curtis. And he was just arrested for attempted murder. 

(ABC 10 - Miami

(Here's a picturefrom the swordfight, and here's Curtis's mugshot.)


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