#Trending-Fri 9/27/19: New Coffee Stats for National Coffee Day

New Coffee Stats and Deals for National Coffee Day

This Sunday is National Coffee Day. And even though every town in America has multiple Starbucks, a new survey found most of us still make it at home.

89% of Americans make at least one cup of coffee at home in an average week. The top reasons are convenience . . . cost . . . and it's part of our routine. Here are a few more new stats on America's coffee-drinking habits . . .

1. 87% of us look forward to our first cup of coffee in the morning.

2. 79% of us add something to our coffee, like cream and sugar. (Or maybe a little booze?) Older Americans are more likely than Millennials to drink their coffee black.

3. 73% of us find making coffee therapeutic.

4. 60% agreed another benefit of brewing coffee is it makes your home smell good.


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