Can You Figure Out What These Reese's New Christmas "Mystery Shapes" Are?

Reese's New Christmas "Mystery Shapes" Are Actually Impossible to Figure Out

Reese's just revealed its Christmas candies this year. But instead of making them in the shape of trees or Santa or whatever, they decided to make "Mystery Shapes."

And these things really ARE mysteries. They have three shapes, and while one of them is clearly supposed to look like a stocking, the others are just lumpy, indecipherable chocolate blobs.

They could be snowmen? Bells? Mistletoe? Santa head? Coal? It's totally unclear.

I guess at some point Reese's will reveal what they're supposed to be, but until then, enjoy your amorphous chocolate blobs this Christmas. 


(Here's a picture.)

Originally posted on October 14th, 2019


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