MORON AWARD: Guy with Name Tattooed on Neck Tries to Give Cops a Fake Name

A Guy with His Name Tattooed on His Neck Tries to Give the Cops a Fake Name

This guy should probably consider investing in turtlenecks.

There's a 36-year-old guy named Matthew Bushman from Mansfield, Illinois. And last Wednesday, the cops put out a warrant for his arrest in a forgery case.

On Friday, some officers spotted him and asked him if he was Matthew. And he said no, and gave them a fake name.

There was just one problem. He has his name TATTOOED on his NECK.

It says "Matty B." on his throat, and the cops saw it . . . so that really blew up his plan. He was arrested. 

(NBC 17 - Decatur)


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