Most Popular Horror Movie Villain in Each State

The Most Popular Horror Movie Villain in Each State

Who's the most popular horror movie villain in your state? 

Frontier Communications took 12 "classic" horror villains . . . in other words, villains from horror movies released BEFORE the year 2000 . . . and used Google Trends data to determine a pecking order.

JACK NICHOLSON's Jack Torrance from"The Shining" is the most popular of the bunch. He owns 10 states, including Colorado, where the movie is set.

Pennywise the Clown from"It"is second with 8 states . . . including Maine, which is not only the setting of the movie, but the home of author STEPHEN KING

Chucky from the"Child's Play"movies tied Frankenstein for third place, with 6 states each.

Hannibal Lecter is in fifth, with 5.

Leatherface from"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"snagged 4 states . . . including Texas.

The creature from"Alien"won three states, including Alaska and Washington, which are among the top five states for UFO sightings.

Grabbing 2 states each were Carrie Whitefrom"Carrie",Ghostface from"Scream", and Norman Bates from"Psycho".

And Dracula and Freddy Krueger brought up the rear with one state apiece.

(Interesting that there was no Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees. Anyway, you can check out who your state chose here.)

Originally posted on October 23rd, 2019


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