#TRENDING-Thur 12/05/19:Are These the Ten Worst Gifts You Can Give Someone?

Are These the Ten Worst Gifts You Can Give Someone?

A new survey found the three most important keys to giving a thoughtful gift are the sentiment behind it . . . how useful the gift is . . . and whether or not it has a personalized touch. 

They also asked people to rank the WORST possible gifts you can get. And the #1 answer was "there's no such thing as a bad gift" . . . which is total nonsense. Here are the ten ACTUAL worst gifts you can get, according to the survey . . .

1. Shower gel.

2. Popcorn. 

3. Socks.

4. A collection of lotions.

5. A coffee mug.

6. Liquor. 

7. Tea.

8. A candle.

9. A photo calendar.

10. Coffee. 

The poll also asked people about specific bad gifts they've gotten. The lowlights include a didgeridoo . . . a huge rubber ducky . . . a paperclip necklace . . . aluminum flip-flops . . . and a box of corks. 


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