MORON AWARD: Two Morons Kept Their Drugs in Bag Labeled "Bag Full of Drugs"

Two Morons Kept Their Drugs in a Bag Labeled "Bag Full of Drugs"

Sometimes hiding things in plain sight isn't such a great idea . . .

Two idiots named Ian Simmons and Joshua Reinhardt got pulled over for speeding near Pensacola, Florida on Saturday. And Joshua had an active warrant out, so cops searched their car.

And they found two bags they immediately thought might be full of drugs . . . because each bag had printing on the side that said, "BAG FULL OF DRUGS."

They're actually make-up bags you can buy online. So the fact that they say "Bag Full of Drugs" is supposed to be a joke . . . but these guys actually kept drugs in them.

Cops searched the bags and found 75 grams of meth . . . three-and-a-half grams of fentanyl . . . 1.4 grams of GHB . . . 1 gram of cocaine . . . and 15 MDMA pills. 


(Here's a photoof one of the bags, and their mugshots. And here's aphotothe police posted on Facebook.)

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