Some More Dumb Things We Believed as Kids

Ten More Dumb Things We Believed as Kids

Last week we had a listof ridiculous things people believed as kids. So we rounded up a few more. Here are ten more absurd things we thought were true . . .

1. That windmills used electricity to produce wind, not the other way around.

2. That you had to change your name every seven years.

3. That a woman would get breast cancer if she let a guy touch her chest.

4. That the Macarena was the state dance of Wisconsin. Because they learned it in the first grade, a week after they moved to Wisconsin.

5. That whether you were a boy or girl depended solely on how long your hair was.

6. That tumbleweeds were a type of animal.

7. That "drinking and driving" applied to ALL beverages.

8. That the pictures on the sides of U-Hauls corresponded to where the person was moving. Like if it said "Utah," that's where they were headed.

9. That garbage and litter blowing in the wind caused tornadoes.

10. That cars knew where they were driving us . . . which actually DOES make sense now.


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