#TRENDING 4/01/20: More "Good News" Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

Ten More "Good News" Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here are a few good news stories we've seen today . . .

1. A movie theater near San Antonio turned an outside wall into a movie screen, and started hosting FREE drive-in moviesin their parking lot. Apparently every screening so far has been sold out.

2. A charity called Operation BBQ Reliefnormally serves food after natural disasters like hurricanes. Now they're keeping restaurants afloat by paying them to make food for the homeless, and first responders.

3. A newspaper delivery guyin New Jersey has also been delivering groceries to anyone on his route who's high-risk and can't leave the house.

4. Here's an unexpected side-effect of the lockdown: It's given parents all over the country a chance to teach their kids how to cook.

5. A guy in Chicago who deals with a lot of shipments from China managed to get 10 million face maskssent to hospitals in Illinois.

6. A lady in Colorado trained her dogto deliver groceries to an elderly neighbor, so they can stay away from anyone who might be contagious.

7. A guy in England had an extra carsitting in his driveway that he wasn't using. So he's doing an online drawing, and giving it away to a random healthcare worker who needs it more than he does.

8. The company Tropical Smoothiehas over 800 locations around the country. And they just launched a campaign called "In It Together" where they'll give out 100,000 free smoothies to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers.

9. There's a 60-year-old guy in South Korea who doesn't have a ton of money. But he owns an eight-acre plot of landthat he's now DONATING to help people who've been hit hard by the crisis.

10. Two healthcare workers in Pennsylvania decided NOT to postpone their "dream" wedding, and got married on their back deckinstead. Their neighbors watched from their yards, and even got dressed up for it. They set up a computer, so their family and friends could watch online. Even the officiant did it over video-chat. (Here's a video.)

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