Need to be Entertained??... Bits to Make You Laugh During Quarantine

Here Are 50 Funny Bits to Make You Laugh During Quarantine

We can all use a good laugh right about now. So"USA Today"put together a listof 50 funny bits to lift your spirits. And they separated them into several categories. Here are some highlights:


1. Dana Carvey's"Choppin' Broccoli"from"Saturday Night Live".

2. "Amish Paradise"byWeird Al Yankovic.

3. "Music Everywhere"byJake Gyllenhaal. . . from"John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch".

Dance Videos:

1. Jack Black on Tik Tok.

2. Tom Holland's"Singin' in the Rain / Umbrella"from"Lip Sync Battle".

3. FATBOY SLIM's"Weapon of Choice", featuring CHRISTOPHER WALKEN.


1. "Van Down by the River"from"Saturday Night Live".

2. "Long-Haired Businessman Video Conference"with WILL FERRELL and WILL FORTE.

3. "SNL's""New Paint"sketch.


1. "Mom Stuck Inside" by Alyssa Limperis.

2. Kate McKinnon as Justin Bieberon"SNL".

Movie Moments:

1. The flower shop scenefrom"The Room". . . one of the absolute WORST movies ever made.

2. The news teambrawlfrom"Anchorman 2"(WARNING: This clipcontains profanity.)

3. Derek confrontshis father in"Zoolander".

TV Scenes:

1. Michael Scott's movie"Threat Level Midnight"from"The Office".

2. When Monica figures outwhere Phoebe'sgrandmother really gother cookie recipe from on"Friends".

3. CHRIS and ANDREW CUOMO snipingat each other on CNN.

Standup Bits:

1. "Salt and Pepper Diner"by John Mulaney(WARNING: Questionable language.)

2. "Baby Cobra / Hard Knock Wife"by Ali Wong(WARNING: This videocontains profanity.)

3. "Amazon Prime Is Too Slow"by Ronny Chieng.

Other Things on the Internet:

1. "Bodega Cats".

2. Kristen Wiig appears on the"Tonight Show"as Khaleesifrom"Game of Thrones".

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