How Five Sci-Fi Movies Envisioned 2020

Here's How Five Sci-Fi Movies Envisioned 2020

I think it's fair to say that NOBODY could have predicted how 2020 was going to play out. At least not the first half of it. But some people in Hollywood gave it a try. Here's what five sci-fi movies set in 2020 thought we'd be dealing with:

1. "Edge of Tomorrow"(2014): We're at war with aliens who've invaded the Earth and taken over huge swaths of it. So yeah, things could be worse, people.

2. "Mission to Mars"(2000): We're sending manned spacecraft to Mars . . . which we're not ready to do yet in real life. (We don't have flying cars, either, but that's a complaint for another time.)

3. "Pacific Rim"(2013): Giant monsters from another dimension have invaded Earth from a portal in the Pacific Ocean, and humans defend themselves by getting inside giant robots and fighting them.

4. "Reign of Fire"(2002): Dragons are unearthed by a construction dig and proceed to set the world on fire and make humans an endangered species. (I don't think we're quite there yet.)

5. "A Quiet Place"(2018): Monsters that hunt by sound only, and can hear even the tiniest noise, have driven humans into hiding. (In other words, forget to mute your phone and one Facebook notification gives you away. We are doomed.)

(New York Post)

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