#TRENDING 4/13/20: More "Good News" Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

More "Good News" Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here are a few good news stories we saw over the weekend . . .

1. Despite the crisis, the Easter Bunnymade appearances all over the country, and popped up in some makeshift parades. Authorities even helped out with police escorts.

2. An elderly couple in Ohio were planning a big wedding this spring, but had to cancel it. He's 90 and she's 85, and they didn't want to wait. So they got married on Zoomlast Friday while 20 friends and family livestreamed it.

3. A 93-year-old woman in Pittsburgh went viral after she stood in a window with a sign that said, "I need more beer." It sounds like she's about to have plenty.

4. 29% of people in a new poll said the crisis has helped them reconnect with friends and familythey'd drifted away from.

5. There's a 99-year-old World War Two vetin England named Tom Moore, who recently broke his hip. And he's raising money for charity by WALKING back and forth on his patio.

He can only go about 75 feet at a time. And his goal is to do it a hundred times before his 100th birthday later this month. He was hoping to raise $1,200. Last we checked, he was already approaching HALF-A-MILLION bucks on JustGiving.com.

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