#TRENDING 4/24/20: More "Good News" Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

More "Good News" Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1. A lot of doctors are worried they'll bring the virus home. So RV ownershave been lending their vehicles out through a Facebook group called "RVs 4 MDs."

2. Dairy farmers have had to dump out extra milk they can't sell. So Publix grocery storesare now buying it from them and donating it to food banks. Also,Walmart just teamed up with Nextdooron a program called "Neighbors Helping Neighbors" that makes it easier to see if anyone in your community needs help with a grocery run.

3. The online bank Ally announced they're forgiving overdraft debt, so its customers can get their entire $1,200 stimulus payment.

4. A small, family-owned grocery store near Toronto caught a guy stealing foodthe other day. But instead of calling the cops, they sent him off with a full bag of groceries.

5. Hundreds of doctors and nurses who flew to New York to help out finally went home this week. So a bunch of NYPD officers lined up to give them a round of applause as they left.

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