#TRENDING 7/07/20: How Many of Us Have Really Packed the Quarantine Pounds?

76% of Us Have Really Packed on Some Delicious Pounds During the Quarantine

If you've found yourself eating and drinking more during the quarantine and exercising less . . . well, you're in good company. That company is: Pretty much everyone else.

According to a new survey, 76% of people say they've gained weight since the quarantine began . . . with some people gaining up to 16 pounds.

One of the things making it easier to gain weight is . . . we don't have to wear real pants.

About half of people say they've basically only worn sweatpants or yoga pants during the quarantine . . . and 28% can't remember the last time they put on real pants.

But, I'm sorry to say the days of good eating may be coming to an end. 63% of people say they're trying to go the other direction now and start dropping some of the delicious pounds they've packed on. 

(SWNS Digital)

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