VIDEO DU JOUR: New Species of Sharks Can Walk on Land

A Bear Opens the Door to a House and Attacks the Man Inside . . . and a New Species of Sharks Can Walk on Land

2020 is when we all learned about MURDER HORNETS . . . but it turns out they're not the only animals going rogue in this apocalyptic year.

First, a 54-year-old guy just outside of Aspen, Colorado was attacked by a bear on Friday. How? The bear managed to open the door to the guy's house, barge inside, and then SWIPE at the guy's face and neck.

The man needed emergency surgery for severe face and neck injuries. Wildlife officials caught and euthanized the bear, and they say there's NOTHING this guy did that made the bear break into his house or attack him . . . the bear did all that on his own.

And our second "the animals are coming" story today comes from the"Marine and Freshwater Research"journal . . . where scientists in Australia found a new species of shark that can get out of the water and WALK on land.

They say there are a few species of shark that can "walk" on their fins . . . but this new one they found developed the ability more recently. Yes, sharks are evolving the ability to hop out of the water.

For now, they can't get very far. For now. 

(ABC 7 - Denver/BGR)

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